The generic flowchart used to create fractal images can be used to create fractal midis. IF one creates a fractal midi, the midi file can be converted to an MP3 file. MP3 files can be played more than midi files. Here is a list of mu favorite links about Fractal music. We hope this list helps you. If you have suggestions about other sites to include, send email to fractal@graphmatics.org..

  There is a small group of Midi files (which have been converted to MP3 using ffmpeg) available at the Gallery menu item.,. The following audio (with video support), named Mandel 6 D1 Song 2, is the MP4 version of the standard midi-file-fractal-audio.




Download of Fractal Midis.,. http://www.tursiops.cc/fm/#downloads

Freeware algorithmic-music generator that creates melodies using mathematical formulas.,. Fractmus 2000 Version 3.0

Steve Gilliland creator of Fractmus 2000 uses FractMus 2000 in this YouTube Fractal Music Demonstration.,.

The creator of the original FractMus is Gustavo Diaz-Jerez at http://www.gustavodiazjerez.com/