There is a good collection of Fractal items/articles at the Graphmatics link O R G

  There is a some Mathematics is at the Graphmatics link L T D.,.

  Here is a link to some just about simple Fractal games Fractal games

  People usually consider you as stupid if you say there's a fractal in their phone. This is a link to one of them super cool phone parts creator, Carles Puente. Fractals in your Cellphones

  Very good source of Algebra Group Theory Group Theory

  Graphmatics LSU Orthogonal Groups over Finite Fields Orthogonal Groups

  Graphmatics FEM at NPS FDSI

  Text about Fractal Music Fractal Music and Chaos

  Fractals-and-Fractal-Architecture Fractals-and-Fractal-Architecture

  Text about Fractals of Africa Fractals of Africa